CV Kurt Haenen


After a relatively typical carreer-path as Master (Burgerlijk Ingenieur) in Computer Sciences from developer over software architect, technical consultant, pre-sales consultant, team leader, IT manager and project leader over the past 20 years, I've learned at least one thing about myself: I love computer-technology and programming - and I'm good at it!

I can rely on a lot of practical experienced with different forms of software development, from embedded software, over Windows and Unix programming, Android (apps & system, JAVA & C++) up to Internet tooling (PHP, node.js, …), years of living the evolution of all those technologies which now form the basis for "hot" functions like IoT and most of all the 'drive' and need to understand technology, because understanding leads to improvements and new solutions.

By also having experience in pre-sales and project-leading, I also know technology can't survive on its own and has to be in service of creating a successful product, maintainable, sellable, … In other words, requiring various visions (development, sales, service, finance, …) to cooperate to generate such a successful and profitable product. I myself want to stay close to the technology, but my experience in other fields does bring understanding of and cooperation with the other parties.

My recent experience includes in-depth analysis of the Android system (from Linux kernel, over system-components of the Android framework to app-development), with code-development in JAVA, C and C++, following an Agile principle and using Android Studio, JUnit, Robolectric, Mockito, PowerMockito, GIT and Gitlab.


I haven't practiced my French and German during the last few years, so it will take a bit of practice to speak them fluently again, but the knowledge is still there and understanding them is no problem at all.



  • My son
  • Listening to music (classical, pop, rock, …)
  • Expanding my technology-horizons and applying technology (ex. use Linux, Raspberry Pi, …)